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Work Process


Browse through our exhaustive inventory to find that perfect gear


Go out and get some great shots


Simply return them back in proper condition at the end of your rental duration

Equipment Rentals

1 Stop Cine Digital PVT LTD serves a large number of photographers and videographers from the industry annually, with consistently maintaining high standards of quality and service at all times. At 1SCD we not only rent out cameras but also provide solution support to our customers regardless of their experience to help them capture their desired results.


Video Production

1 Stop Cine Digital PVT LTD brings 9 years of industry knowledge and expertise to every client interaction. With years’ of proven success in creating highest quality video productions, we can recommend just the perfect solution for your requirement.


Live Streaming

1 Stop Cine Digital PVT LTD offers you a full live broadcast and webcast production service which include everything you need in order to produce your webcast. We can provide you with full webcast production set and an experienced crew to successfully broadcast your event.


Why 1SCD ?

What makes 1SCD different from other rental houses is our team of trained and experienced photo and video professionals with in-depth knowledge of each product. With this knowledge we are able to offer the best solution to our clients for their specific requirements for every project. At 1SCD we are committed to excellence, quality, and customer support! Every piece of gear is cleaned and inspected optically and physically to ensure our clients get the best product with timely delivery each time.

Many reasons to Choose 1SCD